How to Mix Orange & Purple Together

As I have already told you in the post before, colours are important, because they can affect our mood and also show other people how we feel. Choosing the right colour to wear for some ocassions are also important, for instance, if you are happy, you tend to wear bright colours, because it represent cheerfulness. If you are sad or gloomy, you will wear something that is dark coloured.

The second color combination rules I pick will be called Complementary Colour Scheme. You have to be brave enough to do this color scheme, because the colors are in high-contrast, so try to keep the outfit simple but eye-catching.

So today I am going to pick two colors that are positioned directly across from each other  in the color wheel, violet and orange. Aren’t these vibrant colours amazing? If you have not tried this before, you should. Read on to find out how to style these fun colours!

orange purple 1

It’s not a secret anymore that colour blocking will always be on trend. Maybe the colour violet and orange will be trend again for the next F/W 2014, and you should wear them of course! However, even though you live in a city where the weather is hot all the time, you still can wear these vibrant colours too! In my opinion, orange and violet or purple is also a perfect colour combo for summer!

Believe it or not, the unexpected color blocking with violet and orange can be worn on casual ocassions such as having lunch with some friends, or heading to the mall on a weekend.

Look at the picture for an example. This is a fun outfit ensemble, pair your striped shirt with a lace shorts. What? Black and white stripes is so last year! Try fun colours like orange and purple. Tuck in your shirt to your short. Add some fun accessories like a headwrap. Be brave and wear clashing prints like in the picture.

If you don’t feel confident enough to do wear this bright and fun outfit ensemble (plus the clashing prints on the top and headwrap), try using accessories to balance the idea in a more subtle way. Wear a chunky platform sandal and a light coloured bag to balance your blocking stripes outfit. (PRODUCTS: Striped Shirt – ZARA / Lace Shorts – Topshop / Knotted Chevron Headwrap – Forever 21 / Nirama Cut Out Mid Sandals – Topshop)

orange purple 2

If you have read my Colour Wheel post, you will know that you can mix and match colours which are a part of the colour family (for example: exchange orange with coral) and pair them according to the rules. So this is the right time to give you an outfit example.

The greatest way to make this colour combo wearable, is to mix and match a dark violet knitted jumper with an orange coral-ish printed skater skirt. Leave your jumper outside the skirt for a casual look. Tuck in your jumper inside the skirt if you want a more feminine look. You can also add an extra belt for accessories, and to keep your skirt sit on your waist all the time.

Use a pair of footwear that has similar colour with your top or your bottom. In the picture I picked a dark purple leather flatform and then I finished the look with a coral coloured handbag.

Wearing this kind of outfit will create a fun, flirty outfit that sets you apart from every other girl’s tight-mini-dress-and-heels outfit. It makes you look like a grown up and this is perfect for a date! (PRODUCTS: Rich Purple Shrunken Knitted Jumper – New Look / Coral Chambray Jacquard Skater Skirt – New Look / Small Doctor’s Bag – Topshop / Home Alone Leather Flatforms – ASOS)

You may think mixing purple and orange is a little out of your comfort zone, but if you’re brave enough, I recommend you to give it a go!

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