Hard-Working Taurus

Taurus people, if talking about fashion, for you, quality is definitely more important than quantity. You value comfort the most, but that does not mean you are not all about looking great, too! You are independent and always responsible, and this usually translates to your outfit choices.

02 TAURUSSince you love eye-catching items, shop for pieces you can easily mix, match and layer. Oh, and you love working, right? So what you need to wear are comfy and wearable pieces. We know you are a fan of form and function and this outfit you see above will be the perfect ensemble to wear to your next 9-to-5, and remember: earthy tones always look good on you! Think brown, deep green, or blue.

The blue striped blouse is common to wear to the office, but you gotta pair it with a chic jumpsuit in brown color to make a statement. The cut of this outfit looks smart, but still super comfortable. Opt for a pair of brogues or leather loafers, accessorize with a brown bag that matches your jumpsuit, and you can throw on simple earrings or bracelet to make this ensemble more sophisticated.

This outfit is very cool to wear and really, you don’t need to flaunt it all to feel confident. It shows that you are comfortable, fashion-forward, and ready to work!

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