Grunge Babes – Who Wore It Best

Grunge? Well the type of music called grunge began to emerged during the 1980’s in Seattle, Washington. It is describe as a music filled with distorted electric guitar, growling vocals and depressing lyrics. But the grunge fashion itself believed to began in the early 1990’s. Inexpensive (looking) clothes, plaid shirts, ripped jeans, thrift shop items, messy hair and the i-dont-care attitude are keys to achieve the look.

A few world class fashion designers has adapted grunge look into their design collections. For example, Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui. The Hollywood It-Girls are digging the style too. Let’s take a peek of how they style the grunge!

grunge edition

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1. Cara Delevingne. The model who is known for her silly facial expression combined camo printed jacket and tied the plaid shirt around her waist. You can also see a denim under the camo jacket is peeking through. So many elements yet so casual!

2. Zoe Kravitz. Leather jacket and bag for tough look? Check. White t-shirt, loose polkadots skirt, and beanie for slouchy look? Check. Zoe successfully brought the feminine grunge to the market!

3. Charlotte Free. Wanna go with a simpler look? Try Charlotte’s look. Black tanktop, black short, black knee-high socks and a crazy looking bag! This outfit will look fabulous for petite girls because the all black ensemble will elongate the body.

4. Mary-Kate Olsen. Here we are with the slouchiest but coolest looking fashionista. Throw on black long-sleeved shirt, black sunglasses, bodycon skirt, slouchy bag and of course the almighty plaid shirt around the hips! Perfecto!

5. Sky Ferreira. Sky is definitely ready to rock the stage with Nirvana with this outfit! Oozing the i-dont-care attitude. Old looking plaid shirt and vintage t-shirt are the keys. The yellow cap completed the look!

So, who do you think wore the best grunge themed outfit? Let us know! 🙂

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