Great Reversible Bags for you to wear by Bonivasche Co.

Girls, Boys… What is the one thing that pops in your mind when you heard of a “reversible bag”? Is it amazing? Cool? Creative? Well you named it! I am also super excited to find out that a group from college which contains 10 people can create a brand that produce reversible bags.

mark & jeanne adventurePhoto courtesy of Bonivasche Co.

“Mark & Jeanne” – a brand that was offered by Bonivasche Company. It is a company that was founded by ten students from SBM ITB around mid-2013 in North Bandung. Bonivasche Co. launched their very fresh idea to create a local brand called Mark & Jeanne that was inspired by a growing trend that happen in the world of music and adventure.

To express their high interest in the spirit of youth, Mark & Jeanne offers us a very innovative product, yes, the reversible bag. But what is a reversible bag? A reversible bag is a bag that has two sides which you can use either way around. Amazing, I know. Oh and to make it better, Mark & Jeanne’s bags are also available in two themes: Music and Adventure — things young people are most passionate for.

mark & jeanne musicPhoto courtesy of Bonivasche Co.

I think this kind of bag is so appealing and also quite versatile.  It’s also the perfect solution for you all who gets bored easily. If you love adventure, you can wear the reversible backpack that comes with earthy and neutral tones, and if you are addicted to music, you can choose the reversible tote bag that was made from flannel fabric and soft synthetic leather that screams grunge. And it’s not only for girls, that’s why it is called “Mark & Jeanne”.

The price of Mark & Jeanne’s bag starts from IDR 250.000 up to IDR 400.000 and it’s totaly worth to buy! One bag, two designs, do I need to say more? If you want to check out their products you can easily visit Mark & Jeanne’s Instagram and Twitter.

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