Girls Day & Yuri attended 2econd Floor Store Opening

At the beginning of this year, SK Networks launched a clothing brand for women called ‘2econd Floor’. Maybe you are already familiar enough with the brand, which designs are all about modern feminity. This brand’s collection symbolizes a space with new styles and targeted to women aged 25 to 35 years old who want to have a unique style.

A few days ago,  2econd Floor launched their store at Lotte Department Store in Jamsil. Girl’s Day and Yuri of Girls’ Generation is one of the guests of this event. Let’s see their styles and later tell us who do you think wore the best 2econd Floor outfit?

2econd floor store opening

1. Yuri
Yuri came to the 2econd Floor event dressed in all white outfit. She combined a white shirt with white pants, and not forgetting to add the geometric prints that has become one of the characteristics from the brand. She completed her style with a pair of black pumps and very natural makeup.

2. Hyeri
The youngest member of the Girls Day, Hyeri, wore a co-ordinated jacket and shorts with contemporary prints colored red and purple. Hyeri then finished herlook with a plain white top, polka-dot socks that are unique because they are transparent, and a pair of metallic kitten heels. Hyeri really seems to know the fashion pieces that are so happening right now, right? ; -)

3. Sojin
Now we are going to discuss aSojin’s look. While Hyeri wore a coordinated jacket and shorts, the oldest member of Girls Day also used coordinated pieces, but she replaced it with a blouse and trousers. Full and bold geometric prints made Sojin’s style looks less-boring boring. And again, a pair of metallic kitten heels was worn by the member of Girls Day. Well I guess if you have not had a metallic colored kitten heels, this is the best time to buy one!

4. Yura and Minah
Last two members of Girls Day wore a more casual look to the event. Yura and Minah looked pretty in a colorful geometric patterned short pieces. Here you can see, even though jumpsuit and sweaters are actually a very casual fashion pieces, with an extra jacket and mini skirt, this combination can also be used to a fairly formal events. Minah also added a collared shirt inside the sweater. They both looked really fashionable!

2econd Floor is indeed going to introduce a variety of products by combining high-quality design with street style that shows individuality and freedom. A contemporary impression that’s being interpreted with glorious graphic prints would certainly distinguish this brand with others.

So, these girls were all wearing clothes from 2econd Floor that are focused on soft colors and graphic prints. Although wearing clothes of the same brand, Girls Day and Yuri can still express each of their personality. What do you think? Who wore the graphic prints best?

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