Gift Guide: 10 Presents for your Man

The best gifts for men are actually easy to find, especially if you really know what your men (dad, brother, boyfriend) love. Sure, because men are different from us, the best present for them might be video games, blu-ray movies, electronic devices, and so on.

You should consider giving them those things, but fashion pieces for gifts, are absolutely great too. You only need to put some thought into it — what do they like? Or maybe, what fashion pieces that you think will make them look even better? Scroll on and check out our list of best fashion gifts for men to save you a little stress!

gift guide for men  Printed Rubber Case – J Crew; Perfume – CK One; Wallet – J Crew; Jumper – All Saints; Earphone – Urbanears; Shoe Care Kit – Dr Martens; Canali Tie – Mr Porter; Wallace & Barnes Buffalo Check Jacket – J Crew; Leather Backpack – Lotuff Leather; How to be a Man – Glenn O’Brien

1. Phone Accessories
Does your man love gadgets? If so, then buy him a phone case like the one I chose in the picture. With a wood design, it will make him stand out from the crowd. Complete your gift with a great earphone.

2. Perfume
Choose a fresh fragrance he loves or the one you love. Buy it for your man so that he can wear it and it won’t only make him happy, but you’ll definitely be happy too! You can also give him a shaving gadget to complete the gift.

3. Wallet
Every guy needs a good wallet. Look at your men’s wallet. In case the one he is using is already has some tear here and there, get him a new one! Leather wallet is the best choice. It’s classic and you just cant go wrong with it. This present will make him feel special.

4. Shoe Care Kit
If your man loves shoes, then you should buy him a good shoe care kit. Any man will want to  get his hands on shoe care kit, containing balsam, polishes, cleaners, laces and other shoe care products that will help him to keep his shoes looking pristine.

5. Cashmere Jumper and Plaid Shirt
A cashmere jumper and plaid shirt are the bomb. Get him the latest thing that can make him look good and super stylish. Pick colours that can be done for layering, so you can buy the plaid shirt and jumper combo for him to wear on Christmas and to keep him warm in this festive season!

6. Bag
A bag big enough to hold his wallet, keys, phone, books, anything, is a perfect gift for your men. If he likes leather, buy him a leather backpack, if he likes canvas, buy him canvas bag. It’s easy.

7. Tie
A traditional striped tie is always a good choice for a gift, but today you choose a variety of different ties for your man. Pick the one that is elegant, stylish, and classic at the same time.

8. Book
A great choice to accompany him enjoying a cup of coffee in the afternoon. This book called “How to be a Man: A guide to Style and Behavior for the Modern Gentleman” has all your man needs to know on becoming stylishly behaved gentleman.

When it comes time for gift giving, buy something that your man will love. Make sure you know what he really wants, you can ask him directly or ask his brother, sister, friends, anyone that really knows him. From gadget accessories to shoe care kit, I am sure he will love anything you give him for the next holiday present!

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