Friday, We’re In Love with: Ebba Zingmark

Ebba Zingmark, a girl who started her photo blog in March 2009, has been one of my favourite fashion bloggers from Europe. She loves taking and sharing amazing pictures of  her friends, and because she also loves travelling, you can see bunch of pictures of places she visited in her blog. This pretty girl works too! She is a fashion blogger at Swedish fashion site,

Oh, and Ebba also models (of course), because she is unbelievably pretty; her lips, her hair, and the shape of her eyebrows are to die for! Not to mention, her fashion sense. In her blog, we can see Ebba always tries different styles, colours, and trends. There is no reason to not fall in love with this Swedish girl. Let’s check out her style and make her our inspiration!

ebba zingmark inspiration

photo courtesy of Ebba Zingmark

Since the theme of this week is denim, I picked two of Ebba’s style where she wears denim stuff. The first style is perfect if you are a jeans and t-shirt kind of person, but right now, let’s wear your jeans to another new level. Mom jeans is now making a comeback!!

I love this type of jeans because it’s loose and really casual. People tend to say they are unfashionable and unflattering, but sorry, I don’t think so. But first thing first, before you buy your mom jeans, you gotta make sure they are washed and rolled, because those are the best ones.

Now, look at how Ebba wears them. These jeans are so vesatile. You can wear it casually with sneakers for lazy days, but I recommend you to style them up with a pair of killer heels or brogue shoes with mid or high soles, it has never looked cooler! Then, team your mom jeans with graphic tees and to add a vintage and chic touch to your whole outfit, you can add a fun and colorful braces clipped to your jeans!

For the second denim look, try another old-outfit that some people never thought to wear them again, overalls. Yes, overalls looks cute when you are younger, but they are not just for kids anymore! You can look at Ebba’s style and tell me how perfect is that? You’ll be surprised at how fashionable and interesting her outfit is.

So, how to wear them fashionably? Since overalls are comfy and a little bit child-like looking, you can wear them with a printed blouse or shirt shirt to add a more grown-up feel to your whole outfit. I don’t recommend you to team your overalls with a t-shirt becase you might look sloppy.

Then, finish your look with a black tights and a pair of ankle boots. This will create an outfit that is edgy and will not make you look like you’re stuck in the past. If you prefer the long-legged overalls, then you can swap the ankle boots to chunky heels, it will definitely make an adult makeover to your look. (PRODUCTS: Blackfoot Smokes Cropped T-Shirt – Stylenanda / Moto Mint Acid Mom Jeans – Topshop / Floral Tapestry Braces – Topman / Deandri Oxford – The Editor’s Market / Floret Crop Shirt – The Editor’s Market / Moto Indigo Pocket Dungarees – Topshop / Tights – ASOS / Roll Turn Up Beanie – ASOS / Just Access Grad Ring Set – ASOS / Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane – The Editor’s Market)

Overalls and mom jeans are not a bad investment and will forever remain a staple piece in your wardrobe for summery season. You should try to wear them and of course, make sure you visit Ebba Zingmark’s blog! She’s such an inspiration.

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