Friday, We’re In Love With Skinnymarie

It’s been so long since we last created a “Friday, We’re In Love” article, but because November is going to be over soon, we decided to make a special FWIL article for our special friend, Nandya Gita. Have you ever heard of her name? If you haven’t, then what about Skinnymarie in the social media world? Are you familiar with that nickname? Yep, you are right! She’s probably one of the most fashionable girls in Jakarta and we’re super proud and happy to tell you that she’s actually our bestfriend!

We have known her since 2005 and that time we knew that this girl is going to be huge in the future. She has always had her own unique style and that’s what make her different from the other. We are making this article special for her because tomorrow (Nov 30th) is going to be her birthday, so after you read this article, please do congratulate her :–)

We also took two of Tata’s #ootd pictures for your styling inspirations. Both can be easily worn for a lazy Sunday hang out with your bestfriends — you know, jeans, culottes, sandals.. What’s more comfortable than those items? Anyways, we’ve gotta stop the babbling because we are sure that you can’t wait to know this girl better. Read on and find out the secret behind her stylish world!!

Friday We're In Love with SkinnymarieHi, Nandya Gita! How are you? First, would you please introduce yourself, so that everyone reading will know where you come from, what’s your nickname, where are you currently working, etc…

Hi! I’m doing great, thank you! I’m Beyonce from Beyonceland. Nope, I’m kidding. I’m Gita, my close friends usually call me Tata, and I’m currently working at CLEO magazine as fashion and beauty writer.


Great! So, it’s obvious that you love fashion. You have worked in some fashion magazines and you also have a really great style. Is working in the fashion industry have always been your target since you were a kid?

Well, ever since I was a kid, I used to collect lots of Barbie dolls just like any other girls, and I like to make clothes for them by cutting and making patterns, even though it was just a mess. My dreams of who I wanted to become when I grew up always changes, but one thing remains the same, I always wanted to be able to design my own clothes.


That’s cool. If you have always dreamed to be a designer, then it must be easy to describe your personal style in 3 words! What are they?

Vintage, preppy, and quirky are probably 3 best words to describe my style. Although it sometimes changes (depends on my mood). One day I can be as sharp and minimalist as Celine and the next day I can do mixed prints and bold colors like Betty Suarez.


We can see that from your Instagram! We really enjoy all of the fashion pictures you posted there. Why didn’t you create a full blog about your style?

I used to have a blog and Lookbook account back then, but it was neglected due to college stuff and I never want to be called or claim myself as a fashion blogger. So, right now I think Instagram is a pretty solid platform to share my daily outfit.


You might never want to be called a fashion blogger, but do you have any fashion bloggers currently on radar?

Leandra Medine of Man Repeller , Marta Pozzan of  It’s Super Fashion, and Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three are always be my favorites.


You mainly post fashion pictures on your Instagram, who is your 3 favourite fashion designers this season, if you had to pick?

Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, and The Row are few names that stands out the most for me.


Then, who inspired and continues to inspire you to do what you do?

There are lot of things that inspire me, from books, movies, music, and of course fashion. But none of them has inspired me like Betty Suarez from Ugly Betty. Watching her hold her head up high as people made fun of her and do well in career was so inspiring. She stands up for what she believes and works hard. That is something about her that I admire and God, I wish I could trade places and be her. I mean, she works in Manhattan, doing a job that I would love!


Next, living in NYC is another huge dream you want to achieve, right? What is it about NYC you love? Is it the fashion? The food? What ­would be your tips then for people visiting NYC?

It just something about New York that makes me believe that dreams do come true. I was first introduced to New York through When Harry Met Sally. I became obsessed with New York ever since and promised myself that I will live there one day. There is not a single thing that one cannot find in that beautiful busy city, because New York has got something for everyone.

One thing I love about New Yorkers is that they flaunt their quirks. They are also generally friendly and helpful. When you’re visiting NYC, don’t be afraid to walking around and get lost. There’s a reason why Sarah Jessica Parker has such toned legs (apart from wearing heels all the time). NYC is an amazing walking city. It’s got energy and personality like no other city. All the attractions (food, theater, parks, museums) are world class.


Great tips! Where are your favourite places to shop?

If you’re looking for cheap yet cool and rare stuff, I always go to Pasar Senen and Pasar Baroe. The Goods Dept also has some sick stuff if you’re looking for local Indonesian designers with good quality. For online shopping, I always splurge on clothes from ASOS and books from The Book Depository. Style Nanda from Korea is also my favorite place to shop!


Tell us your top 3 go-to fashion items!

(1) Basic tee, wear it with statement necklace or printed skirt or color block for any occasion. It will still look trendy and timeless (2) Boots, will always be a head-turning piece to your look (3) Rings, just because I can’t leave home without them.


Anything else you want My Styling Ideas’ readers to know?

Dress the way you want. People will respect you more if you stand for yourself. So get out there, wear what you like, be confident in who you are and to hell with what people think. Because fashion is about experimenting, having fun, and being yourself.

If you want to see all of Tata’s stylish looks, you can check out her Instagram. Prepare to double-click all of her photos! And oh, happy birthday, Skinnymarie!!!!!

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