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So after I picked fashion bloggers from Australia, Indonesia, then followed by Denmark and Sweden, now let’s go to Japan. I have always loved all things when it comes to Japan. The food: sushi, onigiri, curry, omurice – I can eat them everyday, just because. Anime, manga? I’ve watched and read a lot of them. Last but not least, the street fashion is to-die-for.

Young people in Japan have this very unique way to express themselves, like you can wear anything and still look fab. They are all so fashionable and fortunately, I found a really cool blogger from Japan, named Haruka. I fell in love instantly after I first saw her Instagram feed. The word that caught my attention on her bio was “GRUNGE” and “CAT”, and her feed is filled with her pictures mostly in grunge outfit, and I was like, “hell yeah, I am so going to put her on my website!”.

So here it is, I got the chance to interview her about grunge stuff, her favourite fashion pieces, and she also spilled a secret about her current wishlist!

Hi Haruka, could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?
Hi. I’m Haruka, a 21-year-old girl living in Chiba prefecture, Japan. I am currently going to college in Tokyo and my major is business — marketing and international trade. I’m also a big fan of fashion and this is why I started my blog 🙂 

Can you tell us about your blog? when did you start it, what do you write about, and what or who inspired you to start it?
I started my blog probably about 3 years ago when I entered my college, because I wanted to start something new as my college life started. It was actually nothing serious and I struggled a lot to make a cool-looking blog. But now I’m more serious about it than before and I really enjoy it. My blog theme is probably grunge, I should say. I’m in love with grunge fashion and styles but I pretty much blog about whatever I feel like to.

Is there any reason behind the name ‘Harukazilla’?
Well as you could probably guess already, I named it from “Godzilla“, which is a Japanese movie character. I want to show people that I’m Japanese — which I’m proud of, thus I combined my actual first name “Haruka” with Godzilla! 😉

instax4 harukazilla

How would you describe your personal style? We know that you are so into grunge right? Why do you like it?
You’re right. I love grunge. Actually I wasn’t really sure what kind of fashion style I really liked before, I mean I pretty much liked any kind of styles and was wearing all kinds of fashion styles. However, these days I’ve been starting to find out my favorite style, which is grunge. My grunge fever probably started because I love Nirvana, which is a Seattle oriented band that spread  the idea of “grunge” in the 90s. So I can say that my taste of fashion comes from my taste of music 🙂

What are your signature pieces?
I have a lot! But there are some must fashion items for grunge look. I often wear black light-denier tights, leather jackets, and also plaid skirts.

Who are your fashion inspirations?
There are some fashionistas that I always check, like Lua from a blog named Le Happy, Sky Ferreira, Olsen sisters , Alexa Chung, etc.



Where do you tend to buy your clothes and why?
Since I’m still a student and can’t really afford too much for clothes, I often shop at retail fashion stores such as Forever21, H&M and I really love shoes from TOPSHOP. But I probably shop more often at thrift stores because I can always find grunge style clothes for a really cheap price there.

What does your current wishlist consist of?
Definitely shoes! It’s a little embarrassing to say but I have big feet and it’s really hard to find my shoe size in Japan. This is a huge stress as a fashion lover because shoes are the important part of an outfit. So whenever I go to the U.S., I always buy many pairs of shoes because they always have my size and even bigger ones!I’m planning to go to Boston in February and I cannot wait to go shoe shopping soon!

The first thing you look at in another person’s outfit is?
Probably shoes because no matter how cute your outfit is, shoes could ruin your whole outfit!

What do you think is the most annoying fashion trend you have ever seen?
I’ve never been really annoyed by any fashion trends but I’m not a big fan of satanic designs on clothes. Actually I used to think it’s cool to wear those, but not anymore after I figured out what they truly meant. Well, people have right to wear whatever they want to, but the problem is that there are so many people who don’t even understand what they are wearing. It’s kinda familiar to the phenomenon that Japanese wear t-shirts with English prints on them without even knowing what the actual meaning and wear them just because they think it’s “cool”.

How do you describe the fashion scene in Japan compared to other major fashion capitals?
It’s a melting pot of fashion, totally. When you go to Tokyo you can see so many fashionistas with different styles and I think it’s a city where people feel free to express themselves through fashion. If you love fashion it’s a must place to visit!

Harukazilla - My Styling Ideas

Haruka’s style is simple yet amazing. In this article, I chose two of her grunge-est look for your fashion inspiration. Haruka loves to shop at H&M, Forever 21, and Topshop, and I agree! I love those stores too because they often offer us a lot of grunge fashion pieces, especially because it becomes a huge trend again nowadays.

So, you can now channel your angst-ridden teen spirit and embody the fashion in ‘Empire Records’ movie with knitted jumper and a plaid pleated skirt. See, plaid is like the 90s signature look. So you must have that. Another thing that you must invest for your closet is a black leather jacket. Whether it is oversized or moto style, black leather jacket is timeless and versatile. Especially when you wanna channel your inner Courtney Love. Adding black tights and a pair of ankle boots will also definitely make you feel like you’re living in the 90s. Just look at how Haruka works it!

The second style also show you how to integrate early-’90s wardrobe staples into a current fashion context. Leave those shift dresses and change it with a low-key denim look that’s fit for any day. Team a crisp white turtle neck with a denim jacket over it and complete the look off with (again) plaid skater skirt. You can tuck your top into your skirt and add some edgy accessories like a tiny belt that’s worn by Haruka. Finish it off with a slouchy cross body bag, polished heeled ankle boots, and wine lips for a look that’s downtown cool!

So, plaid, leather jacket, boots are definitely a must have — need I say more? Seal the deal with those stuff! If you love grunge, the music, the fashion, or both, you should visit Haruka’s blog!

Special thanks to Haruka for the interview and have fun in Boston, you!

(PRODUCTS: 1. Knitted Bobble Stitch Jumper available at Topshop; 2. Suede Panelled Leather Biker available at Topshop; 3. Brush Check Flippy Skirt available at Topshop; 4. Shelly’s London Milligan Black Lace Up Boots available at ASOS; 5. Jessika Flap Top Across Body Bag available at Monki; 6. Denim Jacket available at H&M; 7. Polo-Neck Top available at H&M; 8. Sari Simple Across Body Bag available at Monki; 9. Arch Enemy Boots available at Young Hungry Free; 10. Mixed Color Tartan Skirt available at Stylenanda)

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