Figure Flattering Striped Top

Stripes are bold. Sometimes they can be a little difficult to wear – some people fear that stripes make them look wider. However stripes are actually fun and stylish! It’s always been a big trend every summer and they are so versatile too.

I love incorporating stripes to my outfit. They go with everything, from tomboy-ish look, girly look , and everything in between. Stripes  are also figure-flattering. Scroll down to find out how to wear them this season!

Striped Cropped Top(1. Simple Denim Jacket, at Stylenanda; 2. Lipstick, at 3 Concept Eyes; 3. Multicolored Chino Trousers, at ZARA; 4. Lazy Oaf Yes Please Shopper Bag in Cream, at ASOS; 5. Asta Singlet, at Monki; 6. Moonlight Leather Loafer, at ASOS)

I love the idea of striped crop top. It’s perfect for summer, since the pattern is always a huge trend and crop top helps our skin to breathe. Even though some people don’t really like crop top, because they don’t really feel like showing off their stomach, there are plenty of options out there to wear it comfortably. But how can you do it? I’ve mead a styling idea that is entirely made up of wardrobe staples. Read on!

I’ve seen crop tops pop up everywhere lately in the fashion scene, and they have been such a summer staple, but what’s makin it better is that they come in stripes. I love the idea of pairing them with a cream colored chino trousers that are rolled up on the bottom. It’s clean and very stylish.

Some people are alright with showing a bit of shoulder and stomach so that wearing the combo above is enough. However if you are not that confident of showing too much skin and want to cover up, feel free to pop over a denim jacket! It’s the most flattering thing to put over a striped crop top as it helps keep and balance your shape.

For the footwear, a pair of loafers can really complement this look. It can give you a little “Audrey Hepburn” touch but with a modern twist. Finish off with a casual tote bag and don’t forget to apply lipstick! This outfit will be your go-to-weekend look on a hot summer day, because it’s totally appropriate to bare your belly button this season!

Striped Top(1. Narrow Brim Bater Hat, at Topshop; 2. Cotton-blend Jacquard A-line Skirt, at Tibi; 3. Striped Wool Sweater, at Saint Laurent; 4. Nails in Bittersweet, at Topshop; 5. Nike Dunk Sky Hi White Trainers, at NIKE; 6. Mini-messenger Bag with Metallic Fastening, at Zara)

If you have more of a girly, feminine sense of style, stripes can totally work for you too!

For this look, I decided to use stark black-and-white to make a really fashion-forward outfit for you. I admire an (almost) all-white outfit combined with a couple strategic standout pieces. It’s totally stylish and this combo always makes you look more polished and sophisticated. How to get the look?

Combine a sleek plain white A-line skirt for summer with a pair of white wedge sneakers, and white cross body bag. Then, select a brim hat and a long sleeved striped top as your standout pieces. You should tuck the striped top into the skirt to create a clean and fab look.

The A-line skirt will balance the shape of your body, because your top half is covered with a very fit shirt, the skirt will create an illusion of curve. I used wedges sneaker for the footwear to balance out the whole feminine aura with a little touch of boyish piece. The brim hat will be the perfect accessory to accompany your summer days under the sun.

I love this outfit combo since it looks like a combination that would be worn by cute Japanese girls who are going to pretty cafes to enjoy a glass of Frappuccino in the summer! What do you think?

Contributor: Rezita Prihandani

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