Friday We’re In Love with: Ariyani Sukma

Have you ever visited Arin’s blog? Arin is actually a friend of mine, she was my junior at the university. Back then, I actually haven’t visited her blog for once. I realized this girl has a very unique style compared to other juniors. She just stood out in a very good way. Turned out, she is my best friend’s friend! So I got the chance to know her a little bit more.

Then, I started to visit her blog and of course, I really love her style and photography. If you are an Indonesian and you subscribe to fashion magazine, I am sure you’ve seen Arin’s pictures once or twice. She has also featured in Fimela, had the opportunity to present her installation in “Passion for Fashion” in front of Todd Tyler, and so on! Yesterday I asked her some questions about her personal style and why did she start fashion blogging? She gives us some insight to her personal style, fashion inspirations, and advices for you who want to start blogging!

Hi Arin, could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?
Hello My Styling Ideas! Ok my name is Ariyani Sukma and people call me Arin. I just graduated from London School last month, so now I’m  currently seeking for a job. Is there any chance or can I be a contributor in My Styling Ideas? That should be a pleasure, hehe! Ok back to the topic, what I really love is fashion, art, photography, watching gigs, and playing ukulele.

Can you tell us about your blog, when did you start it, what do you write about, and what or who inspired you to start it?
I started blogging in 2009, but in 2011 I kind of stopped blogging because I was so busy with all of the assignments from my campus, but now I start blogging again. My blog is actually my diary, I show people the events or fashion shows that I went to, pictures of my daily outfit, etc. Everything that I shared is more likely the things that have happened with my life. I started blogging because writing, photography, and fashion are my hobbies and Heidy Kalalo is the one that inspires me most.

How would you describe your personal style? And what are your signature pieces?
Actually, I only wear what I like, but I really like all the trends from the 90s, 80s, and I am very inspired by the way people dressed in those years. My signature pieces are outerwear and statement shoes! I never get out of the house without wearing outerwear and a pair of shoes that can transform your style instantly.

Who are your fashion inspirations?
My inspirations are my fellow fashion bloggers, websites, magazines, and fashionable people I saw on the street.

Where do you tend to buy your clothes and why?
Thrifted store, local brands dan Pasar Senen! Hehehe, why? Because I think the designs from our local brands are creative and innovative, and usually they only sell quite a few pieces for each design, so you won’t see a lot of people wearing them, which makes it special. Pasar Senen is definitely my true love!! The price is cheap, and because the pieces there are often worn (you can call it “second” here), again there will be only one piece for each design! And most importantly, there are a lot of  90s and 80s vibes in every corner of Pasar Senen!

What does your current wishlist consist of?
I need more high waisted skinny jeans and one more Dr Martens 8 hole. Dear Santa I hope you read this…

How do you describe the fashion scene in Indonesia (especially Jakarta) compared to other major fashon capitals?
Personally I think fashion in Indonesia is growing bigger and better. More and more teenagers are now aware of fashion, with many fashion sites, it can make it easier for us fashion enthusiasts to communicate with each other. Not to mention if you view it in terms of the fashion industry. It’s a prove that fashion awareness in Indonesia is booming. Many Indonesian young designers whose work is very good such as Tex Saverio’s Hunger Games gown, fashion events like Jakarta Fashion Week, Fashion Week Indonesia, and many more, are now even known worldwide.

The first thing you look at in another person’s outfit is?

Best advice to fashion lovers (bloggers and non bloggers)?
Life is too short to wear boring clothes, I mean… You only live once, wear what you want to wear! Anyways, because it’s sweater weather, I picked two of Arin’s styles that are perfect to wear for this season. Check them out and be inspired by Ariyani Sukma!


photo credits to Ariyani Sukma // illustration by Setyarini Putri

While some other countries experience the 0 degree celcius temperature right now,  our tropical country Indonesia is only giving us the rain and sometimes this rainy and windy weather often make us feel sick. So, sweater and jumper are the best outer to wear this season. Look at how Arin style her favourite outers, very simple yet also really chic! These outfits can make you look super stylish without trying too hard. They are also comfortable and can protect you from the wind too!

The first look from Arin is perfect to wear for a weekend hang out with your girlfriends. Try teaming a simple knit jumper and a pair of striped cropped pants and oxford or jelly shoes. Now because the outfit is simple, you should make a statement! Choose a pair of shoes with unique colours like metallic or even transparent like what Arin wore. Then, complete your look with another statement pieces, a necklace with keys dangling all over it for example.

The second look from Arin shows you how she always have her outerwear and unique footwear! Layering is the key to this look. Wear a mesh or tulle skirt and combine it with a loose t-shirt. Don’t tuck it into your skirt if you want a laid-back 90s inspired look. Then, layer your t-shirt with a knit jumper to protect your body from the wind. Complete the look with platform sandals or shoes and a statement tote bag. Don’t forget to apply a dark coloured lipstick to channel your inner grunge. (PRODUCTS: Knitted Jumper – H&M / Pinstripe Long Pants – The Scarlet Room / Monki Almira Skeleton Hands Shopper Bag – ASOS / Cropped Knit Pullover – Stylenanda / Basic Short Sleeved Shirt – Stylenanda / Black Midi Tulle Skirt – Topshop / Lipstick – NARS / Key Chained Necklace – Stylenanda/ Perrie Leather Heeled Monk Shoes – ASOS / Allison Irid Black Shoes – Miista) So what do you think of Arin’s style? Don’t forget to visit her blog and be inspired!

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