Fashion Editor’s Fashion-Hacks!

When I used to work in fashion magazine, I always wondered how my fashion editor could look good all the time. Everything about them looked impossibly cool and effortless. This did not happen only in my office, since I also saw a lot of other fashionable people who seem to look effortlessly fabulous all the time.

fashion hacks

However, I just found out that contrary to popular belief, fashion editors do not always have it together! In fact, they all have these quick “fashion-hacks” in the attempt to create an amazing outfit! You know, like when you finally decided to buy a cute ring even though it’s too big for your finger, so as soon as you arrived home you kind of tape some adhesive foam inside the ring to size it down — that kind of fashion-hacks.

Turns out, fashion editors do that stuff too. Are you now wondering to know their quick fashion hacks? Click over to The Huffington Post and find out how bobby pins and duct tape can be your biggest helper to achieve a fab outfit!

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