Efficient Fashion: Maximizing Your Style, Minimizing Your Stuff

Has it ever crossed your mind that you need to give up on fashion? Well, fashion must have taken a big part of your life, it could even count as something important, and it is like nutritional intake we cannot miss in our daily life! More than that, fashion even affects your everyday lifestyle and started to become one of your priority lists of primary needs. But have you ever thought about whether fashion is truly beneficial for you or not? Try to check and re-check these points out to find the answer!

First, are you wasting so much time picking up clothes everytime that it causes you a headache? Second, have you ever felt frustrated when it comes to choosing what else to wear every single day? Next, has fashion already became a tough decision for you whenever you wanted to attend certain events? Last but not least, do you think fashion is not as simple as it used to be? If one of those points rings in your head, you need to feel cautious, because you may have ignored the efficiency of fashion. Yes, Efficient Fashion is an important thing, especially for those who wanted to maintain a ‘healthy fashion living’.

Efficient Fashion is a concept that closely related to simplicity and effectiveness of dressing up, including how much time you have to spend to choose your everyday outfit, how to easily mix and match clothes you’ve already had inside your wardrobe, and even how excited you will be whenever you need to pick clothes from your closet. In short, it is like ‘the sustainable living of fashion’, ‘back to basic thing’ or ‘the next level of minimalist fashion’. And it could be applied by everyone, including you! So if you want to learn more about this, let’s dig into it!

So what should we do to follow the Efficient Fashion rules? You can start by remembering how much positivity and negativity fashion has brought you to life. If fashion and its complexities still calm you, just relax, you will be okay. But if fashion has bothered you only by making you feel lazy to touch plenty of clothes you have, sadly, you need to learn to live your fashion life healthily by now. Spending a lot of time only to prepare your clothes could simply ruin your whole day and it will not only cause you ineffectiveness, but also annoyance or even frustration. Don’t ever hesitate to accept that fashion could sometimes disturbs you, because it can impact your mood and personality.

First thing first, forget those ‘Dream Closet’ thing the internet has told you, because that could be toxic for fashion lovers! Ever heard of the phrase, “Eyes are bigger than one’s stomach”? This applies in fashion too! In our mind, all the clothes we have right now will never be enough for us. Fashion could easily makes us forget the differences between what we want and what we actually need, especially when massive discounts appear! Don’t let it leads you to the wasteful fashion living where everything feels tempting and irresistible.

So what is the best solution to this problem? Capsule Wardrobe! Capsule Wardrobe can be described as a collection of a certain fashion items which considered as essential yet never go outdated, such as: pants, skirts, jackets or coats, and any other pieces that can be mixed and matched with seasonal pieces (you can read more about it here). Capsule Wardrobe has become a trend worldwide and you could be one of the doers too! It has a lot of benefits, starts from saving more of your time and money, help you to decide what to wear easier, keeping your closet neat and also stimulate your fashion imagination deeper.

So based on that, you need to start curating, now or never! Apply the Efficient Fashion by gathering all of the fashion items you have and find pieces that are really appealing to you. It may not be easy at first, but whenever you wanted to do good things, you will always find the way!

Still worried about not being able to be fashionable or stylish with the above tips? Please do not worry! Next you can do some Closet Decluttering! Simply start by separating things you usually wear, rarely wear and no longer suitable to wear (by its size or its worthiness). You can choose either dispose or donate the separated items you have decided to be taken out from your lovely closet. You can try the KonMari method of tidying found by Marie Kondo. She teaches us how to decide what to donate or throw away, and also how to keep only things that spark joy to you, especially in clothing. Another way to clutter your closet is by starting to lessen two items whenever you wanted to add new one to your closet in order to save spaces. This trick can surely helps you and your wardrobe breathe with relief.

Audrey Meyer

Besides creating wellness by minimalizing your frustration through organizing your fashion pieces, cleaner wardrobe also teaches you to be grateful for what you have and reminds you about the goodness of giving to those who need helps through charity or donation. So, what are you waiting for? Be the lifesaver of yourself and other people, friends!

Still craving for something easier? Do the Mixing and Matching! Mix and match are known as one of the most valuable fashion secrets that can be done by anyone, including people with few fashion inventories. Start to be experimental about how you wanted to dress. This can teach you about how to be innovative with what you already got in your wardrobe and by wearing the items that you’ve already possessed, you don’t even need to spend more money to look good, right? You can always wear same fashion items more than once and combining it with any other fashion items you may rarely wear. Remember, it is totally okay to wear the same fashion items everyday. Don’t ever be afraid to be judged about how you dressed, because after all styling is about expressing your true self and no one could ever tell you about what you should or should not wear, okay? Embrace your self-identity, and that could only be done by you.

The number four rule? Follow the Minimalist Fashion Trend. Minimalism usually seen as something plain, boring and monotonous, especially when it is associated with fashion. But what does minimalist fashion actually mean? It is a trend that emphasises simplicity as its major principle. Keeping it neutral and aesthetic are two main keys to minimalist fashion, but that does not mean you cannot be playful or fearless.

The most prominent thing from minimalist fashion is the color selection that tends to be either monochromatic or soft. Minimalist fashion can also be categorized as a wearable fashion trend for any occasion. Hans Hofmann, a German-born American artist, once stated about minimalist fashion that says, “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak”. That statement is actually truly accurate to explain how beneficial minimalist fashion could be. It’s a friendly reminder to everyone who barely takes care of what is important and what is not. In addition, you could start to be a lot more mindful when dressing up and learn to accept yourself more by being a fashion minimalist.

In conclusion, fashion can bring you both advantages and disadvantages. There are many ways to bring happiness of styling into your daily life. It all comes back to you. You are the one who can decide the true application of fashion itself. You may never realize how much time, energy and money you have wasted for fashion. You may have forgotten about your true personality, because you are too busy and confused picking up which outfit fits you.

Unfortunately, those bad habits could restrain your ideas and creativity when it comes to dressing up. So from now on, be aware of how you live your fashion life, whether it is already been wise enough or not for both your physical and emotional. Start learning Efficient Fashion by maximizing your style through minimizing your stuff, because it will surely creates a well-impacted personality on you! Not to be missed, don’t forget to take a good care of your fashion life for a better and healthier you, because that is the only thing that matter. Happy styling and trying, friends!

Writer: Audrey Meyer

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