Dresses for Apple-Shaped Women

To all of you beautiful curvy girls! One of the most common shapes in women is apple.  Apple-shaped women usually have thin, shapely legs, and carry weight around the stomach. We want to tell you that when you can identify and really understand your shape, you will know what part is the largest and smallest, this way you can find out what fashion items look best for your shape. Scroll down to find out the perfect dresses for you!


If you have an apple shape body, you usually have bigger busts, and if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Your bust size shouldn’t be hidden but instead, be emphasized. The best outfit for you are those bust-enhancing typed top with flattering necklines (read: V neck!) that will flatter your top and will create a vertical line that elongates the body. You can also opt to go with flowy dresses that don’t cling to your stomach, to balance out your heavy top.

If you’ve got a rounder shape, asymmetrical hemlines and subtle slits should also be the key for dressing. Wear dresses with  vertical stripe prints that will skim your hips just beautifully and dresses with slits, as they balance out your larger top and will draw focus towards your legs.

Remember, not everyone’s body is exactly the same, but we hope this guide can help find the right dress for you. You should always have fun trying out new styles!

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