DIY: Dripping Paint Nail Art

Oh it’s finally Friday! I usually change my nail polish every two weeks, so to prepare for a fun Saturday night tomorrow, I changed my nail art to Dripping Paint. It might seem hard to make it, but once you’ve tried it, it’s a piece of cake. I am going to give you a step-by-step tutorial to get this amazing dripping paint nail art. Happy Friday everyone!

Dripping Paint Nail Art

Things you need:

  • Base Coat & Top Coat
  • 2 Colors of Nail Polish (your choice — I am using ORLY Glow and OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips)
  • Unused Pen / Dotting Tool /  Bobby Pin
  • Paint Brush

Things you have to do:

  • Apply base coat and wait until they are dry.
  • Then, paint your nail with your base color (ORLY Glow) for two coats. I recommend you wearing lighter color for your base to make the colors of the dripping paint pop out. However, you can try different colors too for your base and find out which one suits you best.
  • After they are dry, using a dotting tool, or unused pen, dot some drops at different levels on your nails.
  • Then, draw lines from the dots with paint brush, going up to the tip of your nails. Paint the drips wide towards the top so it appears as if they have collected and dripped down. Don’t have to be perfect because sometimes imperfection is better!
  • Last step, apply top coat, wait for them to dry, and you’re done!

See? It’s actually very easy and all you need to do is patience. For the colors, you might also want to try neons with white, or black with gold, anything that fits your liking. Have fun!

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