Dare to wear Gingham?

Gingham – the very charming check print that is not plaid, nor tartan. The easiest way to differentiate between gingham and tartar or plaid, is by seeing the colors and the lines. While plaid can be any combination of colors and the lines have different widths, gingham always has two colors only and the lines have the same width. They are also made of light-weight cotton material.

So if you have any gingham fashion item inside your closet, please please please don’t throw them away because they are now back to be the most versatile fabrics that one can think of! Gingham has been and probably always will be a big part of preppy style, but hey we can make them into preppy-chic, too! It’s a very charming checked print and its versatility is undeniable. Dare to wear gingham?

how to wear double gingham(Textured Gingham Shell Top available at Topshop; Tall Gingham Cigarette Trousers available at Topshop; Falabella Faux Brushed-leather Bucket Bag available Stella McCartney; Lipstick available at Sephora; Solar System Heels available at ASOS; Classic Round Sunglasses available at Forever 21)

The versatility of Gingham actually comes from the size of the check that are used on the garment. They are definitely smaller than plaid and there is really nothing they can’t be paired with. However, pairing gingham with khaki pants or black skirt is all too simple and so last year. Why not try double gingham? If denim can do double denim, so does gingham.

I have seen some coordinated gingham outfit in fashion stores nowadays, but I guess I rather buy two different gingham outfit than the coordinated ones, so that we can use them separately too. If you want to do the double gingham (and not the easy coordinated one), make sure to have two gingham fashion items which sizes of the check are different.

For example, you can see the picture above. I recommend you to choose two different sized gingham check and play it all around. If not doing the double gingham, you can use the top only or the pants and combine it with other outfit. Ok, back to this look, I used black and white to make it simpler — bigger check for the top and micro check for the trousers. The tailored trousers make the whole look even more polished.

Complete the outfit with a pair of vibrant colored kitten heels, a shoulder or cross body bag, and apply red wine lipstick to make you stand out from the crowd. This outfit combination can be worn to lunch with your friends or maybe to your campus!

how to wear gingham skirt
(Blue Knitted Jumper available at H&M; Multi Cotton Molly Check Skirt available at Marc Jacobs; 1461 W available at Dr. Martens; Ankle Socks available at Topshop; Reversible Bag available at Mark & Jeanne; Lipstick available at Smashbox)

It’s not just for dresses and button-downs anymore, gingham is a fun fabric to play with, especially if you know the right way to do it. Use it as an accent piece like this second style.

It’s widely known that gingham always has two colors and white is one of them,but let’s break the rule a little and try to find a gingham skirt which has two colors but not white. This bold modern skirt I chose in the picture above puts a glam spin on the monochromatic b/w gingham and change the colors to blue and red.

Try wearing the pencil skirt with a knitted sweater for  a cool twist on a classic staple. You can tuck the sweater inside the skirt or just leave it hanging for a more laid back look. Then, this outfit is all styled with contrasting black accessories to inject a hint of ‘punk’.

Give the picnic-ish gingham skirt a boyish look by teaming it with a 3-eye Dr Martens shoes, a black ankle socks, and a black leather bag. Apply some coral or red lipstick to finish the look.

Ginghams are perfect for any season and they are equally comfortable, stylish, and versatile. It’s a must-have prints every woman. Now that you know how to wear gingham, it’s time to invest them to your closet!

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