Combat Boots: A Must-Have Item

Combat boots were originally designed for soldiers during war-time in the early mid nineties. However, they are now making a comeback in a more fashionable and impressive way. Some people say that it’s better for us women to stick to feminine footwear like flats or heels, but who says only men can wear combat boots?

Even though combat boots have this masculine aura around it, they are still stylish and charming! For me, combat boots is a must-have fashion item because they are very versatile and can easily be dressed up or down. Do you want to wear combat boots but having a hard time looking for stylish ways to wear them? Worry no more because I have already created some styling ideas to look fashionable walking in them!

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1. Alt-Grunge
The combat boots trend actually takes inspiration from two cultures: 80s punk and skinhead scene – do you remember This is England? And also grunge scene – when everything goes with flannel shirts! For the first style I am going to recommend you to channel your inner grunge goddess.

Back then, the masculine combat boots were being worn with flannel shirts, however today you can choose to go the contrasting way: Choose feminine pieces to complete your look. I go with plaid skirt for the first look (feminine but still has the “alt-grunge” feeling). Short skirt like this go really great with combat boots and the plaid prints will still be your inspiration from the grunge culture.

Then, pair the skirt with a t-shirt to balance the masculine and feminine touch. Try to keep this look current by adding accesories like fedora or beekeeper hat and apply a bright red lipstick to your lips. This will create an opposite attract – masculine combat boots paired with feminine outfit and accessories. Finish your look with a satchel bag. This outfit is very practical and comfortable too!

2. Simple and Casual
Or, you can try to keep things simple. The most common way of wearing combat boots is to wear them with denim, this time try denim shorts. Whether it’s distressed or not, denim shorts go perfectly well with combat boots.

Then, throw on a simple t-shirt. I chose a sleeveless crop tee for the second style to create a laid-back look. A top like this can create a casual look that is suitable for an ordinary day around the town. Next, try to dress it up a little bit by wearing outerwear. I am so obsessed with oversized cardigan so I added a grey one for this style. An oversized cardigan won’t look too dressy for this outfit, it’s giving you another casual touch instead and will definitely work just fine.

Accessories like black cross body bag or tote is perfect to complete this outfit. They have clean lines and simple shapes. Consider wearing fabulous sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. And if you decide to wear make up, keep it light and daytime appropriate so it can compliment your whole look.

What do you think? Like it or not?

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