Coated In Grey

The stores nowadays are already stocked with sweaters, coats and boots. Some of them are colored grey, because grey is obviously the season’s hottest color, right? That’s why we filled our moodboard with everything grey and we think you should also invest on some grey stuff to fill in your wardrobe – for example, a fabulous grey coat!

Some of you might think that a grey coat is not easy to carry off, but we’ve rounded up two styling ideas using a grey coat that’s actually very minimal looking. However we’re sure that they are easy to recreate and can inspire your winter style. Check them out!

Coated In Grey(1) Thea Mini Bucket Cross Body Bag, at Tory Burch (2) Structured Collarless Coat, at ZARA (3) Vintage Double-layered Keyhole Sunglasses, at Black Five (4) Mafia Boots, at Young Hungry Free (5) Crystal Crown Skull Ring, at AHA Life (6) I Woke Up Phone 6 Case, Nylon Shop (7) Semi Sheer Bralet Shirt, at Topshop (8) Le Skinny De Jeanne Mid Rise Ripped Jeans, at Frame Denim

We love wearing grey outerwear, because they are luxurious and soothing. They can give you a sophisticated touch in an instant. However, if you want the most sophisticated look, you should try to pair your grey coat with black and white fashion pieces. That’s the easiest way to update your winter wardrobe.

So first, wear your favourite white shirt and combine it with a pair of black jeans. We love the shredded and distressed ones! Some people might think that distressed jeans are so-not-neat, but pairing them with clean button down shirt will keep the tattered look polished. Then, snag a cool grey coat over your white shirt. We chose a collarless coat because it’s different and it’s just a gorgeous addition to your winter wardrobe. A grey collarless coat gives you a minimal feel and it even goes on and off easily.

After you are coated in grey, complete the look with your favourite black boots. Try wearing ones that are made of leather because they can give you a rich look, and this goes the same way with your bag. Wearing accessories in leather material can keep things fresh and luxurious. Finish off your outfit with a bunch of skull rings and a jet black round sunglasses – statement making for sure.

Coated In Grey(1) Grey Wool Blend Coat, at Harvey Nichols (2) Shirt Collar Dress, at Mango (3) Eau de Parfum – Gypsy Water, at Byredo (4) Creepy Cute Nu Goth Bubblegum Black Earrings, at Snark Factory (5) Warm Deluxe Tights, at Falke (6) Jules Large Drawstring Bag, at Michael Kors (7) Sneakers, at New Balance

We are going to go with a mix of feminine and sporty for the second style. Still, with a grey coat, we are now combining it with a white short collar dress. How long do you need your coat to be to layer over your dress? Personally, we love looking at coats that are as long as the dresses. So for example, if you are wearing a little white dress like in the picture above — that sits right over your knee, then the coat you are wearing should at least be that short too.

After you layer your white dress with a nice and luxurious grey coat, accessorize your look with sheer tights. You know what, girls? For us, tights are not only wardrobe basic, but we put them in our stylish accessories liest. And after you wear a pair of tights under the dress, go with the tomboy route by wearing a pair of sneakers. You can feel it later that the sheer tights will lend a flirtatious element to your sporty look. That’s why we call it a mix of feminine and sporty.

Last but not least, finish off the outfit with a leather crossbody bag, a pair of earrings, and don’t forget to always spray some perfume before you go out to meet your friends! The color palette of this second outfit is still the same with the first, since we want to bring that “luxurious” feel to the look.

See? You should remember that that’s the art of wearing grey mixed with black and white. Both styles create a perfect  outfit that are classic and chic, so you can go out from your house with confidence.

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