CN Blue released a new video, “Can’t Stop”

CN Blue has finally returned to the market! They just released a music video recently with a song titled, “Can’t Stop.”  The video clip that was shot in New York while they are doing the “Blue Moon” world tour shows their fans that CN Blue are now getting more mature, in terms of music and also fashion.

CN Blue Can't Stop

The video opens with a tender piano solo by vocalist Yong Hwa, which automatically sets the romantic atmosphere for the song, especially because they are surrounded by flower petals and their style this time are using pastel colors.  Wanna see how good-looking they are in the video? Let’s discuss them one-by-one!

Jung Yong HwaJung Yong Hwa – In this video, Yong Hwa wore a pastel colored suit paired with soft pink shirt. Surely you have never thought that a man could still look ‘really manly’ with pastel-colored clothes, right?

Pastel is so happening right now and the trend is not only for women but also for men. They are everywhere this season and this soft color-like pastel garments are so versatile to be worn by anyone. Pastel suit like then one Yong Hwa wore is much easier to be mixed n matched to reduce the risk of excessive color clash. Completed with a neat hairstyle, Yong Hwa managed to be most stylish man of our dream.

Lee Jong HyunLee Jong Hyun – If bright colors usually last for maybe just one or two seasons, pastel colors are more classic and timeless. Pastel colors also suit any skin color and certainly easy to mix n match.  See Jong-hyun’s style!

We instantly fell in love when we saw Jong-hyun in the video, looks really cool shredding his guitar and wearing a suit with a combination of coral and citron. Then he neutralizes the pastel outfit with a white shirt. CN Blue’s guitarist really know how to attract the attention of his fans!

Lee Jung ShinLee Jung Shin – If you want to appear more daring, you can look at the style of CN Blue’s bassist, Lee Jung Shin. He wore coordinated colored suit, which is a combination of jacket and pants of the same color, pastel coral.

Here you can see, although pastel is not the kind of color that is vibrant and bold, they can still look bright over a white shirt. This is the most appropriate way to make a statement with your clothes, guys! Very charming!

Kang Min HyukKang Min Hyuk – Drummer Kang Min Hyuk still looked cute with pastel-colored suit. In addition to that, this is the greatest example to show that pastel outfit can be a statement piece for you.

Although he sat behind the drums, Min Hyuk still stand out by using a white shirt with a pastel coral fitted blazer. Soft colors like this makes them much easier to play with other fashion items and really suitable for anyone.

You can see that this time CN Blue did not wear biker jackets or shirts, but they look more mature wearing fashionable pastel suits. If you want to wear pastel-colored clothes, the only key is to be confident. You should be able to feel comfortable with everything you wear! So, do you have a particular favorite?

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