Check Your Expiration Dates

According to Jen Reviews, most cosmetics expire! Did you know this? Cosmetics come in contact with your skin, brushes, and the air, exposing them to a host of bacteria. Have you ever checked if your product are still good or out of date already? We have a list of nine makeup expiration dates you need to know and we also give helpful tips for making your products last longer.

Do You Know - Make Up Expiry Dates(1) MASCARA
Mascara can only last three to 6 months. How can you make it last longer? Stop pumping your mascara, since that lets air inside the tube, it dries them up. Also, don’t ever share your mascara. Can you imagine how many bacteria can be transferred when you share your mascara? Ew! If your mascara dries out, changes texture, colour and scent, or if you’ve had any eye infection, throw it out and buy a new one.

Liquid liner can last between 6 months to a year, as it is another product susceptible to bacteria contamination. Throw it out if you’ve had an eye infection, or if there is any changes to texture, colour, and smell.

A brow pencil or pencil eyeliner, on the other hand, has a shelf life of one year. If you’re using a pencil, you can sharpen it and it’s not going to be a breeding ground for bacteria. You should sharpen them regularly and keep that cap closed tightly, if you want them to last longer.

Foundation packaged in a pot expires in about 6 months, whereas a pump formula can last to one year. You should also remember that liquids and creams last between six to 12 months as they contain more water, oils and hydrating agents which shortens the shelf-life. But powder foundation can last up to two years as the dry texture doesn’t allow bacteria to grow as easily.

Eyeshadows can last one to two years, but always check them periodically. Remember to watch out for discolouration, waxy build up or a change in smell. If you find them changing colors, toss them and get a new one!

Yep, powder lasts quite long, until two years, because they can lasts longer than wet formulas. You can minimise the risk of bacterial contamination by keeping the lids closed tightly and throw away powders without lids or that are broken.

If you want to know if your lipstick is already out of date, check if there is a change in color, texture or smell. Yep, even though lipsticks contain water and moisturiser, they can always last longer if you look after them well. That means, never leave them without a lid on and always wipe them off to remove the top layer of bacteria growth. Keep them sanitized!

Never.. Pump.. Your Lipgloss, just like your mascara. Better do a circular motion with the applicator to make them last to a year. You should always watch out for discolouration or changes in texture and thickness, though! If they change, throw em out!

Once nail polish is opened, ingredients can evapourate causing the polish to thicken and separate, and this can last until around two years. We always try not to pump them too, but just shake the bottle with the lids on if you want to mix the oil and nail polish if they started to separate a little. But remember to always look out for changes in colour, thickness and texture.

Remember that some products may last longer, so always read the labels on your products. And, the most important thing is to always wash your makeup tools regularly, wash hands before every use! So when was the last time you gave your makeup bag a thorough clean out? 

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