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The Plaid Trend for Adults

Remember the old times when you used to really love the plaid trend? Going to school, you wore a plaid skirt. Going to the mall, you layer a plaid shirt over a tank top. Today, the trend is back again and sometimes it makes us think, how can we wear the school-plaid trend in a chic adult way?

Top Likes: Black & White Outfit

Oh there is nothing chicer and stronger than the power of black and white outfit. These minimalist and neutral shades are simple but very appealing. If you are on the hunt for new styling ideas, we have got you covered. We collect the top four black and white (also grey) outfits that had the most likes…

We Love: Denim Jacket!

One of the key pieces in the summer is a denim jacket. An outerwear that is not to thick to wear for the hot season, but will help you warm a bit when the wind gets colder at night. Here are some of our favourite #ootd that can be your style inspirations when you go…