The Cardigan Trend for Men

Hi and how are you, guys? It’s been quite a long time since I posted some styling ideas for men. Fortunately, three days ago one of our contributors, sent me some ideas to wear cardigan because he’s really into cardigans at the moment. Yes, for y’all cardigan fans out there, you might think, “why so basic? I can wear them without any styling inspiration”, however some of my guy friends avoid wearing cardigan because they think this outerwear makes them  look old.

With this article, we want to show them that even though cardigan is quite basic and often being called ‘grandad’s outer’,  you can  still look great if you combine and mix it with the right fashion items. Anyways, before you decide on what to wear with a cardigan, you should find a few that is perfect for you. Make sure that the cardigan is made of high quality material, so when you stretch the cardigan, it should retain to its original shape. And remember to pick the color that suits your personal style! We would also like to recommend buying a few standard thin cardigans, so that you have some versatile options all year round.

For this article we are going to use only one type of cardigan and style it in two ways. Scroll down and find out how!

how to wear cardigan men 1(1. Elbow Patch Wool and Linen-Blend Cardigan, at Maison Martin Margiela; 2. Moto 360 Watch; 3. Marco Slim-Fit Stretch Cotton Chinos, at NN 07; 4. Ted Shoes, at Dr Martens; 5. New Order Official T-Shirt, at Backstreet Merch;  6. Heritage Backpack, at Herschel Supply Co.)

The first style we made for you is best to wear for those lazy Sundays. A casual look that you can wear with a high quality cardigan. The key to achieve this casual look is to keep it simple and clean. Layer a grey cardigan over an official t-shirt of your favourite bands (here, we are using New Order’s). The shirts that go with cardigans actually don’t have to be specific, because cardigans are made to be versatile. So you can wear them over a printed t-shirt or anything that still gives you laid-back vibe.

Then, wear them over a pair of dark blue chinos. Roll your chinos a bit to show some ankle. You can also try substituting the chino to a pair of jeans, both looks great for this casual look. Don’t ever try to tuck in your shirt into your pants, because that’s the one thing that make your style look ‘old’!

For the shoes, we picked a pair of Ted from Dr. Martens. This shoes is perfect to be matched with a pir of rolled up chino pants. If you want to wear other sneakers like Converse, we think it’s better to be combined with denim jeans. Finish the look with a nice and super awesome moto 360 watch and put your belongings inside a backpack.

We want to give you an easy tips to transfer this look from casual to classy. By simply changing the shirt you wear underneath with a classic button-up or polo shirt, you can change the entire statement of the ensemble. Button-up shirt can be worn to dress up a cardigan. So if you need to go to a more formal occasion, wear it!

how to wear cardigan men 2(1. Elbow Patch Wool and Linen-Blend Cardigan, at Maison Martin Margiela; 2. Patterned Shirt, at Zara; 3. Linen Shorts, at H&M; 4. Field Pouch, at Herschel Supply Co.; 5. DXN Suede and Mesh Sneakers, at Saucony)

The cardigan is a casual garment that adds a lot of versatility to your outfits. The second style is perfect if you are looking to be casual for  evening occasions. Maybe you want to go to some cafes with your friends or even having a date with your girl, this outfit combo is perfect.

We recommend you to skip a t-shirt underneath and opt instead for a patterned shirt! A cardigan could be best coupled with a coordinating short sleeved shirt. Try to wear a shirt with coordinating color too so that you r look does not look too much.

Then, try to get out of your comfort zone and wear a nice pair of linen or chino shorts for this look. Some poeple may say  it’s geeky, but for us, shorts and cardigan works really — if it doesn’t look right, it probably means your shorts are too short! So all you need to do is find the perfect shorts and a high quality cardigan.

Most of these casual yet classic look go well with a pair of sneakers. The cardigan can also be complimented nicely with a pair of  loafers, it’s your choice. Top off the look with a sleek pouch to put your iPad or tablet in a really classy way. Another easy tips for this look: For those days at the office, why not try wearing the same cardigan, shirt, and shoes, but sub your shorts with a pair of tailored pants, or chino, or whatever you think is more appropriate for your office! It will look great!

So guys, try to wear cardigans the next time you’re going out. They are versatile and can help you get warm in cold days. Remember, whether you are going casual or dressy, be sure that you follow your own preference to reflect your personal style and don’t let anyone tell you that cardigans aren’t manly!

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