Cancer, The Loyal

As a Cancer, you always know what you like and you stick to it. You enjoy home-based hobbies and relaxing with your friends. You have an eye for clean lines and a timeless appeal. Meaning, you love the classics, but of course, without being boring.

04 CANCERPreferring not to draw attention, Cancer favors softer silhouettes. Your wardrobe is pretty much reflective of all the times you spent having a Netflix night, snuggling on your sofa inside your favorite sweater. Just like in the picture above, combining a grey knit sweater with a pretty pleated skirt in dark turquoise and a pair of boots can indeed be one of your favorite wardrobe essentials.

The crab loves being near water, so try adding some nautical pieces in the colors of blue or white to your go-to wardrobe. Like a light blue bag, for example. You can also opt for cute hairpins to complete this Cancer look.

The great thing about Cancer is that you love your friends. So, when you’re about to go out with them, grabbing a cup of coffee in the corner, wear your classic pieces, but keep it fresh by adding hints of color or pattern!

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