Can You Style Them? (Part I)

Hi everybody, we’re back! To start a new and fresh month, we are going to style and mix & match some fashion staple that we’re sure you have already had inside your closet. Look at the picture under and try to remember if you have them. If you do, how do you style them? Do you often wear them or do you leave them inside your closet because you think they are too boring? Uh- oh, you’re wrong! Even the simplest items like these can be very stylish if you wear them the right way. So, basically you girls have….

Can You Style Them(A. Basic Item – The Captain Cotton-twill Pants, at Current & Elliott / B. Printed Item – Striped Slub Cotton Top, at Proenza Schouler/ C. Boyish Item – Spring Cotton Shirt, at Stylenanda / D. Girly Item – White Skirt & Sweater Co-Ord, at Topshop)

Now the question is, can you style them? We’ve got four ideas that you can use as inspirations with what you’ve already got in your wardrobe. Scroll down and find out some of them! (because the last two styles will be uploaded tomorrow!)

Can You Style Them 1

STYLE 1 (A + C + D1)

For the first style, I am going to mix long pants with a shirt and sweater. Pick the simple pair of blue pants from your closet, then wear a denim shirt for your top. In this case I would like you to tuck the shirt into the pants. This will create a preppy yet cute look. It’s also very neat.

Then, you can also bring out your sweater. It’s perfect for layering your clothes. However, because it’s still summer, you can just put the sweater around your shoulder. This will add texture and interest to your outfit. And sometimes, when you need to go to the mall and it’s chilly inside, you can just easily layer it over your shirt and keep the collar of your shirt peeking out.

For the accessories, you’ll need a simple bag with details on it (for example, tassle) to complete the look. Also, wear a pair of red flats. Black is the obvious choice, but red flats provide a pop of color and work for every season too. you’re going to stand out in a good way in this simple ensemble.

Can You Style Them 2

STYLE 2 (C + D2)

Have more boyish items than girly items in your closet but want to have a quest to create a feminine look? You can! The styling ideas under will help you create a chic outfit with a very basic item that you have in your closet.

My favourite boyish item in the closet is a chambray shirt. It’s very versatile and can be worn during any season, and also any style. The versatility of chambray shirt makes it easier for you to mix n match your outfits – which is super cost-effective.

For a fresh summer look, pair your chambray shirt with a plain white skirt. A plain white skirt will work as a white canvas in your closet. You can embellish it with anything. So, a chambray shirt that is tucked neatly into the white skirt will show people your great sense of style. You can never go wrong with pairing a simple plain shite skirt with a chambray shirt.

For a finishing touch, I will remind you to include something expected, like a long statement necklace, an animal printed cross body bag, and also a trendy buckle sandals that will polish your look in an instant.

Stay tuned and come back again tomorrow for more styling ideas.

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