Beyoncé dropped a huge “surprise” for her fans

Beyoncé. There are a lot of things I could say if you ask me about my opinion of her. Hell yes I am one of Queen Bey’s biggest fans since I was a kid. Her albums never fail me. From when she was still in Destiny’s Child — I remember singing “Jumpin’, Jumpin’”, “Say My Name” without knowing the exact lyrics; When they released a soundtrack to Charlie’s Angels, and how my mom, my cousin, and I went crazy over “Bootylicious” or “Survivor” or “Independent Women Part I”.

When Destiny’s Child announced a hiatus, I decided to still follow Beyoncé’s works for her solo career. Radio started to play “03 Bonnie & Clyde” and I fell in love instantly. Then followed by her amazing albums: Dangerously in Love, B’Day, I am Sasha Fierce, and 4. I even have already watched The Beyoncé Experience like, literally 20 times or more.

After her fourth album, she announced the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, that’s  entitled in reference to her marriage with Jay-Z. All of us thought that just like any other artists and musicians, when they do a world tour, they often have a new album coming out too to accompany the tour, but not for Beyoncé.



Really, we were left to wonder. But then, on December 13, 2013, without an advance notice or promotion, nothing… Beyoncé dropped an earthquake by posting a video on her Instagram with a caption “Surprise!”.

The video contains an announcement of the release of self-titled Beyoncé album. Described by her as a “visual album”, “Beyoncé” consists of 14 tracks, each having an accompanying short film (17 videos) which became available on iTunes that very second and just like that I think it is the most impressive and amazing gift any Beyoncé’s fan could get for this holiday season!!!!


The album features tracks with Jay Z, Drake, Pharell Williams, Frank Ocean and also Blue Ivy, Beyoncé’s daughter. The songs are absolutely amazing with darker themes —  like insecurities of womanhood, about motherhood, and also an explicit discussion of sex. I was so fascinated by the album that this week I did not listen to any other songs but all of her new tracks that are obviously super sexy and catchy.

The videos also has dark themes but Beyonce’s fashion in all of the videos are — sorry for the language, freaking beautiful!! Using big-name labels like Versace, DKNY to indie designers like Wendy Nichol, Norma Kamali, and Alexander Wang, and even brands like Urban Outfitters, Beyoncé’s style team sucessfully spread the love of fashion around when it came to assembling the wardrobe for each of the 17 music videos.

beyonce flawless

In short, the tracks are super catchy, the lyrics sums up exactly what Beyonce is feeling about her marriage, about her daughter, motherhood, and female empowerment. Lastly, dozens of looks from her videos are to die for. So I will end this post now and continue to listen to Partition.

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