Beauty Gifts for this Christmas!

It’s the time of the year again, it’s Christmas!! Have you bought gifts? Or are you still looking for best beauty gifts that you can give to your girlfriends, sister, or your mom for the next Christmas party this weekend?

Whoever you need to buy for, I’ve got it covered!The perfect way to say thank you for them that have already done so much for you, is to add more beauty to their life.

These beauty products have everything your loved ones need to create a glamorous party look! For addition, you can wrap them in a pretty Christmas basket or gift box to give a more personal touch. So here’s my top 10 beauty products you can give, that will definitely make your loved ones happy. Now you can give your them the gift of options!

christmas beauty gift  1.  Opaque Lipstick (No She Didn’t) – Lime Crime, $18; 2. Marc Jacos Fragrance Dot, $72.00; 3. Nail Polish, Pantone Universe; 4. Crayon Lipstick, 3CE, $2.92; 5. Tropical Punch, Lip Smacker, $2.50;  6. One Hot Minute Face Powder, Benefit, $30.00; 7. Fat Marker Eyeliner, NYX, $8.99; 8. Marshmallow Cologne Spray, $20.99; 9. Naked 3 Eyeshadow, Urban Decay ; 10. Dahling Nail Lacquer, Butter London, $15;

Contributor: Ocha Ross
Illustration: Putri S

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