Beach Goers in Fashion

Since our last post is about holidays, today I am going to give you another holiday outfit ideas that you can use as an inspiration, but this time, it’s the beach holiday outfit.

Some countries might now experiencing fall and winter but in tropical areas, summer is happening all year, and when you live in a country where the sun shines throughout the year, no doubt that many of you will be heading to the beach when holiday comes to enjoy the sandy beach and clear ocean.

I know that you might be on a holiday, however you still have to keep your appearance as stylish as possible! The question that will always occur when you are going somewhere is, “what am I going to wear?” so that’s why you need to read this article and find a guide to your fabulous beach style!

beach chic

Bright colors have always been very popular at the beach and this trend seems to have transferred over into more than just t-shirts and jeans. Bright colors are now also carried over some really cute bikinis that you can wear to attract people’s attention.Browse every swimwear or beachwear fashion stores and you can find a bunch of bright colored bikinis and swimsuit that you’ll love.

For the cover up, you can wear a crop top teamed with a pair of baggy trousers. This outfit combination will give you a roomy silhouette and will keep you cool through out the whole day. To protect your face, you can wear a floppy hat. This type of hat has been produced year after year and it never seems to go out of style, that’s the reason why you should wear it.

A pair of flat sandals is always the greatest footwear to use to the beach. It will not make your feet sticky and also it is so easy to be cleaned just in case there are a lot of sands coming under your feet. A small cross body or shoulder bag is the perfect bag to wear to the beach. You can put your belongings like sunglasses, lip balm, and of course a camera inside it. Don’t forget to always bring a sunblock so that you won’t get too tanned. You can also wear a moisturizer after the whole day out in the sun to sooth your skin.

This whole look is very versatile and can work double-duty: as a cover-up at the beach and for dinner afterwards. While during the day you can keep it as simple as possible, at night you can add more accessories like a set of rings and necklace to polish your outfit with a bit more style. (PRODUCTS: Tiered Bikini – Stylenanda / Roll Back Crop Top – Tosphop / Baggy Trouser – Pull & Bear / Big Felt Floppy Hat – Topshop / Jack Wills Small Binocular Bag – ASOS / Crossed T-strap Sandals – Stylenanda)

beach basics for men

For men, summer is always the perfect time to be brave and celebrate bright colors. Since you guys can not layer much on summer, the best way to make your outfit less bland is to throw some bright pieces. Bold prints can also make up the lack of depth for summer clothing.

Swimwear for men that is currently huge right now is the ones that are short and colorful, like the short that I used in the picture. It has bright coral color and also fun prints too. This type of swimwear is now becoming every beach goers’ favourite. For the top half of your body, you can opt for a simple short sleeved shirt. Pick a shirt that has darker color than your short to create a color contrast.

For the footwear, you should leave your leather brogues at home because it’s the best time to wear your favourite pair of canvas plimsolls, loafers, or sandals. Don’t be afraid to wear tote bag to the beach. This kind of bag is easy to carry and big enough to place your belongings.

Don’t forget to bring sunblock and sunglasses to protect your skin. If the sun shines too bright, you can also wear a hat to protect your face. The benefit of this outfit combo is that they can easily transfer the whole look from a beachwear to a night-out look. (PRODUCTS: Shirt – Topman / Swim Shorts – ASOS / Pointer Canvas Chester Shoes – ASOS / Sandqvist Worker Tote Bag – ASOS / Wayfarer – Ray Ban)

There you have it, the beach goers style that you can use as an inspiration for your next holiday. So what are you going to wear to the beach next time?

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