The Beach Escape

Some of my junior in college are having their final test now and they will have a long holiday coming for them. As you can see, beach has been a popular destination to go on vacation for teenagers and families these days. So I bet a lot of you who are going to have a holiday will put beach in your list of places to go to.

In my country, we have Bali. In Bali (people call it the island of the gods), practically every beach promises you their own hype – you can try scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, or even just enjoying the warm water. But whatever your reason is going there, the number one rule is that you should look good at all times! I believe you’re going to take pictures too anyways, right? So you might as well pick the best summer staple and essential you are likely to be wearing to the beach. I am here to help you find out some beach outfit inspirations to wear! And this post isn’t only for y’all who’s going to have your next vacay on the beach, but also for everyone whose beach is their second home.

The Beach Escape 1(1) Sleeveless Crochet Top, at Anna Kosturova (2) Instant Camera, at Fujifilm (3) 3 Bands Ring Set, at Outfit Made (4) Felt Floppy Hat, at Topshop (5) Palm Print Skort, at Miss Selfridge (6) Nappa Beach Tote, at Sample Sale (7) Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Body Cream, at Clinique (8) Ankle Bucked Criss-Cross Strapped Sandals, at Stylenanda

For starters, I am going to tell you my favourite beach fashion staple: shorts and sleeveless top — something that moves and breathes well. So, for this first style, with my shorts and sleeveless top rule, I am going to combine a sleeveless crochet top and a skort.

Do you know what skort is? And why skort? Skort is actually a pair of shorts with a flap across the front that gives the appearance of a skirt. This is such a fun bottom to wear to the beach because it’s flirty on the outside, but actually it’s a pair of shorts on the inside. So you can move here and there looking like you’re wearing a skirt but with the freedom of shorts! Pick ones with prints and colors that is perfect to wear for a beach attire. It is also perfect to be mixed with a simple plain white crochet top.

Then, one of the most important things to know in advance is that you’ll be spending your time on the sand the whole time, so you should wear footwear that’s practical. Of course, a pair of flat sandals. Flat sandals can be both chic and comfortable. If you don’t want to look boring, you can try to find sandals with embellishment, like stones or gems.

And then, other accessories that you want to bring to the beach are hat and bag. Hats can be a chic fashion accessory for a summer vacation. The best hat to protect your face from the UV rays is wide brimmed hat. This should also be completed with a sunscreen. For the bag, make sure that you can toss your fashion and beauty items into a tote bag. It’s the most convenient, because it’s big and it’s made of raffia, obviously ;–)

The Beach Escape 2(1) Top, at Marni (2) Cool Cat Clear Shades, at Nasty Gal (3) Denim Baseball Cap, at Whistles (4) Pure Cotton Rope Bag, at Stylenanda (5) Light Blue High Waist Stripes Shorts, at Choies (6) Babe Pearl Blue Glitter Exclusive Heeled Sandals, at Juju (7) Instant Camera, at Fujifilm

Girls, don’t be mad because I am going to use another sleveless top and shorts combo this time – you can go here for other beach outfit inspiration with dress – because as I said before, I love them! Shorts and sleeveless top can work as long as you opt for a pair in the right material – cotton for example. This material is both breathable and comfortable.

A white simple tank like the one I used in the picture above will feel just polished enough if worn with a pair of high waisted shorts. I picked light blue for the shorts to really embrace the color of the sea (and it will look good in pictures too!). Then, complete the look with a pair of jelly sandals. This kind of footwear makes walking in the sand easy and can be easily slipped off if you just can’t help the urge to swim at the beach as soon as possible.

As for accessories, I like to keep it simple with just a hat and sunglasses. Wide brimmed hat looks good for this outfit but I am thinking more of a baseball cap. It’s on trend, simple, and still can help protect your face from the sun radiation. And lastly, don’t forget to bring a bag to the beach. Other bag that is perfect is a canvas backpack. Big enough to put your bikinis, towel to sit on, and other essentials. This outfit totally screams summer, right?

Now it’s time for you to prepare all the stuff you need to bring to your next holiday trip. Make sure to bring your camera and a great book with you!

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