Back To The 70s

When you think about the ’70s, of course, you should think about: vibrant colors, dramatic prints, wide brimmed hat, and what appear to be bell-bottom jeans or wide legged pants. Do you watch The 70s Show? There you can see that all the characters wear clothing that is a blend of mods and hippies. It was definitely a fun era for fashion, with lots of colors. I’m here to give you two styling ideas if you want to go back to the 70s — maybe you want to make a 70s themed party or photoshoot? — with the final picture, so that it will be easier for you to imagine the style result. Let’s start!

back to the 70s style(1) Pleated Woven Pants, at Forever 21 (2) Long Sleeved Blouse, at H&M (3) Wide Brim Fedora, at Tosphop (4) Colored Fur Vest, at ZARA (5) Platform Shoes, at H&M

Because the 70s is an era where unique prints were booming, you should try to wear a top with loud prints, like the one I used in the picture above. If you can, find a blouse with a bigger fit with balloon-ish sleeves to achieve the real 70s style. Then if you dare (which you should!), wear a faux fur vest. There are a lot of fashion stores that sell those retro faux fur pieces nowadays, for example at ZARA. Pick a fur vest which color is in the same color palette with the blouse you’re wearing. For dressed up occasion, this outer will be the perfect choice for you.

Now for the bottom-half. Wide leg pants were the hero of 70s. All type of jeans with bell bottom style, trousers with wide leg, were the best type of pants to represent 70s style. So wear that! Pick one that has raised waistline to accentuate your waist. Add accessories to your look, because it’s important too. Like a wide brimmed hat for example. It’s super essential for this 70s themed look.

You can wear a pair of chunky platform shoes. Besides it can give you a “taller illusion” to your body, this type of shoes were also huge in the 70s. So if you want to wear flared jeans or wide leg pants, you don’t have to be afraid to look short. You can still be chic and stylish in this 70s inspired ensemble.

back to the 70s style(1) Jersey Coat, at H&M (2) Silk Shirt, at ZARA (3) Pendant Necklace, at Forever 21 (4) Melton Wool Skirt, at Topshop (5) Retro Sunglasses, at Mango (6) Platform Sandals, at Charles & Keith (8) Twisted Yarn Over The Knee Socks, at Topshop

For the second style let’s try using a skirt, so that you can have options to wear. As we said before, prints were on rage at the 70s. So try to wear an outerwear with loud and unique prints. This will make you stand out among others. Prints that were huge that time: chevron, stripes, and graphic prints.

Under the outerwear, combine a collared blouse and tuck it into an A-Line mini skirt – this is also a fashion staple in the 70s. You can play with color if you want, but if you are they type of person who thinks “less is more”, monochrome will also look good. Just like the picture above. The colors that often occur in the 70s were earthy colors, like rust, dark wood, etc.

For the fottwear, still with platform sole, but this time you can wear a pair of platform sandals and don’t forget to mix it with a pair of knee-high sock. It can totally give you a 70s touch. You can find a lot of knee-high sock at fashion stores today, so don’t worry. It’s easy to look for them.

Another accessories that were huge that time besides wide brimed hat were oversized round sunglasses and layered necklaces and bracelet. Yup, an oversized sunglasses will surely help you achive the 70s look! Just in case you need make up and hair-do inspirations, go with sleek straight hair and amazing eye liner.

And it’s done, as simple as that. So what do you think girls? Do you awnt to go back to the 70s? What era are you into?

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