Androgynous Makeup Inspiration

Are you secretly androgynous on the inside but never knew how to express it? Then this post is for you! We have two Hollywood stars that never fail to express their true selves on the red carpet and photoshoots. They have completely different looks, almost like they are on the opposite pole of the androgyny world. Here are the androgynous makeup inspiration!

kstew androgynous make up

Kristen Stewart

Everyone’s going crazy over her Still Alice NY premiere make up look. It’s a good kind of crazy, though! It reminded us of how she’s always had that boyish, I-don’t-care look, but always so glam and polished at the same time. She loves a great smokey eye and has mastered that sultry smolder. She’s never afraid to experiment with colours although overall she loves dark shadows with metallic texture on her lids. She wears a lot of make up but everything look so effortless on her. Her short hairdo just complements her personality and brand so much.

tilda swinton androgynous make up

Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton is the model for NARS SS 2015 campaign, that just proves how much of an icon she is. She’s perfect! She is not a fan of a lot make up and very often goes for the fresh, glowing look. The only thing she experiments with sometimes is lipstick. You can see her with bold lipstick on the red carpet but her eyes are almost always bare. She also loves her pale skin. We love her attitude and how she owns her true beauty. Her signature look will always be remembered.



  1. Make your eyebrows as natural, or as straight as you can – Boys have straight eyebrows, so avoid making your eyebrows arched because it shows femininity, keep it natural though! If your eyebrows are naturally super arched but you want to look androgynous, just fill in under the arch a little bit to give the illusion of straighter brows. Also, don’t pluck too much.
  2. Don’t aim for perfection – Nothing has to look super tidy. Think Cara Delevingne. Smudgy, messier look is the way to go. Nothing has to be perfectly blended, just make sure there are no fine lines.
  3. Don’t be scared to experiment – Go “bare” faced or go with a face full of make up, it’s up to you! But, be careful with bright colours as it can take away the androgynous-ness from your look. We gave you the examples of very full on and very minimal looks, find what works for you and make it your signature.
  4. Try contouring – Boys generally have stronger jawline and cheekbones, practice contouring! Creating shadows on your face can make it look more masculine. Once you master it, a good contour + natural/straight eyebrows can be the key to your androgynous look.


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