Alexa Chung’s Perfect MakeUp Look

There are lots of beauty tutorials on the internet, especially on YouTube. Once you searched for “make up tutorial” there will be more than thousand videos pop out. However, we have always had our favourite online beauty guru and we keep on visiting their tutorial videos everytime they uploaded a new one.

Our most favourite beauty guru on YouTube is Lisa Eldridge. She’s already post around 180 tutorial videos on her YouTube channel and everything is amazing – you’ll end up spending hours just to watch her applying make up for sophisticated looks to fun festival makeup look.

alexa chung

What make her even better is because recently she just tapped Alexa Chung to appear in her beauty tutorial on how to get her signature 60’s look, which is Chung’s dream makeup. At first, Eldridge handles most of the work, from applying foundation and moisturizer to Chung’s first time tanned face, eyeshadow, but then hands the rest over to Chung to do her cat-eye flicks that she’s mastered so well.

Alexa Chung has spots. She confessed that everytime she has it, it’s literally a mammoth, so big and distracting and sometimes Chung’s cat eyeliner also messes up! So what we need to do is practice (and watch this video again and again) to cover spots and to achieve those luscious sexy cat eyes! Alexa Chung and Lisa Eldridge, does it get better than that? Watch the video below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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