’50s to ’70s

Take these three style inspirations from the 50s to the 70s!

50s Era

THE 50s
Actually, two of the main silhouettes of the 50s fashion are the full skirt and the slim fitting pencil skirt. However, The women’s fashion in the 50s wasn’t all about skirts and dresses. Pants-wearing was also a growing trend in that era. The pants women usually wore were the cigarette pants. It’s a pair of pants that has a high waist and narrowing down in the hip and legs, and ended just above the ankle.

So, for a casual 50s look you can wear today, start with a plain polo neck top (also was a huge trend) and tuck it into the coolest pants of this era, the slim cigarette pants. If you want, you can always wear one with plaid pattern, so the look won’t be too plain but still looking fabulous.

Next: A woman simply doesn’t leave the house without accessories too right? First, wear a pair of earrings. Then, you can opt for a cute straw bag. Why a straw bag? Because bags that were made of unusual materials actually made a lasting impression decades ago. It can also give you a nice tropical spin to your whole outfit. And last but not least, finish off the look with a pair of chic leather loafers.

60s Era

THE 60s
The 60s are all about the super iconic mod styles, colors, and patterns. It was very youthful. Try Google the mod style and you can see some short shift dresses in various colors or bold prints all over the dress. This era told you that fashion is fun.

Mini skirts and ankle boots came into fashion in the 60s and had quite a moment during this period. So, the easiest way to get the 60s look: Wear plaid mini skirt and a matching top (means: if you wear a yellow plaid skirt, you can combine it with a cute yellow knit sweater) and also, wear a pair of boots like in the picture above.

However, if you prefer something more subtle, you can always wear other shoes like a pair of mary jane. Add knee-high socks to get the school-girl look. And don’t ever forget to wear your hair like a ponytail and throw on some cute mod accessories, such as a pair of round earrings and a pretty bow for your hair!

70s EraTHE 70s
Oh oh oh the 70s… Think Jackie Burkhart from That ’70s Show — we’re obsessed with her, btw! If you haven’t watched the series, you better binge-watch it now! All of Jackie’s outfits are uh-mazing and they really scream the 70s, basically her style is everything! She wears lots of bright and bold colors.

If you want to emulate 70s fashion casually, you can begin by wearing a cute fuchsia colored crop top that’s tucked into a pair of insanely cool flare jeans. Yep, bell bottom jeans and flare jeans are the type of pants you want to invest if: you wanna look taller and you want to have the 70s disco vibe. They’re so easy to find nowadays, because some major brands are constantly offering the 70s style, so you don’t have to go thrift-shopping for this kind of jeans.

For the footwear, you definitely have to wear the clogs! We actually had clogs back in the 90s and in our opinion, chunky clogs are one of the most stylish and versatile shoes ever. And to stand out more, get yourself plenty of scarves! You can tie them in the hair or into a ponytail. But, our favourite style is to tie the scarf around the neck and make it a neckerchief!

So, which era you like the most?

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