4 New Innovative Brands at JFW18

One of the shows at JFW that showcases the emerging designers is the New Fashion Force Awards, and last week we were invited to the show. JFW has always been a place to introduce and highlight new talents and designers from Indonesia’s fashion industry.

So, for this years’ New Fashion Force Awards, there were 8 new designers showing their best works: Christin Wu, Tam Illi, Alenka & Margo, Pix & Stacy, Ang Studio, Noki, Studio Moral, and Lick Studio. They were then divided into two categories: Most Innovative Local Brand and Most Promising Accessories Brand. In this article we are going to show you four of the clothing brands that joined the competition.

Noki is a womenswear line that appeals to young women who loves Indonesian fabrics. As the designer, Ninung Trihamtoro created looks with modern ethnic fabrics and pairing them with other contemporary fabrics that definitely suit the women of today. At JFW 2018, she presented a collection called KAKATUA. Models donned kimono styled top that was combined with green skirts, green dresses with monstera leaf paterns — perfect to wear both to a wedding party and for casualwear, because they all look very comfortable!


Ang Studio
Minimalist is the word that come to our mind when we are thinking about Ang Studio’s collection at Jakarta Fashion Week 2081. Ang Studio presented CURVATURE; a very simple, clean, yet elegant show at the New Fashion Force Awards this year. All of the looks were colored in white, with sexy side cuts. The flare pants that you can see on the video above is also very delicate and no doubt will be making a bold statement. Angelia Prisca successfully designed a very aesthetically pleasing collection. And we really like it!


Studio Moral
We don’t even know where to start with Studio Moral, really. This collection is called MERCUSUAR. The show started with a video and a poem to celebrate friendship. We thought the looks for this year’s collection will be filled with dark pieces, since the opening felt very gloomy, but OH MY GOD it was beautiful and so colorful. Colors ranging from peach, orange, magenta, to grey and gold grazed the runway. Models walked in layers of monochromatic outfits with excellent details. Sheer dresses, oversized coats, jackets, pants, and skirts with beautiful prints. We can’t stop thinking about that grey macramé skirt that swoop the catwalk floor and the gold vest! Oh and the soundtrack to the show: Clubeighties’ Gejolak Kawula Muda. We’re sold. 


Lick Studio
Lick Studio is a brand founded by Juliana Ng and Laurensia Salim. A womenswear clothing like that shows you that you can be both rebellious and romantic a the same time. This motto was represented by their collection called, TIMELESS DREAM. Models donned pretty outfits with bubble sleeves, asymmetric hems, and ruffled hemline. The fabrication and materials used for this collection ranged from the classic gingham check to crystal and beads. We’re in love with the crystal-beads cropped top and all the pieces that were completed with red-beads belt and purse!


After the series of collection is shown, finally Studio Moral won the Most Innovative Local Brand with its catchy collection, MERCUSUAR. All the four designer actually did a very great job, they have their own speciality. But Studio Moral definitely have more oomph with the looks and detailing, making them have this personal charm that works like a magnet. We seriously could not stop adoring the clothes. Oh, and everyone knows that a fashion week is never just about the clothes, it’s also about the song that accompany the models walk.

So, we think Studio Moral deserves to win. Congratulations to Andika Surasetja as the owner and designer of Studio Moral, for winning the short course at Istituto Marangoni in Paris and Firenze!

If you want to find out who’s the winner for the Most Promising Accessories Brand, go here.

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